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Your pet’s life and health are precious to you. Surely, you want them to have the best of medical treatments and health remedies. But did you know that the chemical drugs that are administered to pets can be fatal to them in the long run?

To make sure that your pet is absolutely healthy, you need to use remedies extracted out of natural things. Native Remedies, a company focused on enhancing the quality of people’s life by encouraging everybody to use natural remedies for health, brings a range of products for pets.

Called PetAlive, this range of products from Native Remedies can effectively cure your pet from a variety of diseases and health conditions caused due to poor nutrition, pollution and bad lifestyle. What inspired the creation of an exclusive range of natural products for pets? Read on below to know more about it.

How did it all begin?

PetAlive was born as an answer to the many requests that poured in from the customers of Native Remedies after people started using the products of this company and began to notice the vast improvement in their health, they asked the company to extend the same benefits to their pets. The result was PetAlive, a highly effective and safe line of products for pets.

Initially, some of the Native Remedies products meant for human usage were effectively used for pets as well. The products showed great results and the health of animals improved visibly. However, not all products meant for human consumption can be used for pets because pets have special needs and require different dosages.

Keeping the exclusive requirements of pets in mind, Native Remedies came up with PetAlive, an all-natural herbal and homeopathic pet-friendly range of products that are easy to administer. The products are available in five different forms – liquids, tablets, capsules, treats and external application. The products can be safely used for horses, cats, dogs and small pets. You can check out these products on

Different products available in the range of PetAlive

Native Remedies offers a huge range of natural products for pet care. These products address some of the most common problems that pets suffer from. For example, tapeworm infection is a very common problem in dogs, cats and many other pets.

In order to counter this infection, Native Remedies offers Ringworm Relief, a homeopathic product that cures the infection and reduces side effects such as itching and redness on the skin. The product comes in a spray form which makes it easy for pet owners to administer the medicine to the animals.

Another very popular product from the PetAlive range is TF-Defense, a product meant to improve the integrity and strength of red blood cells. It also enhances the absorption of iron in the body and sustains the functioning of the liver. Most importantly, TF-Defense helps maintain and strengthen the immune system in pets.

Some products that have made a hugely positive difference to the life and health of pets include Thyroid Sooth Granules, Pancreas Booster, Better Bladder Control Granules, Eye Heal, Allergy Itch Ease Granules, Vi-Pro Plus for protection against respiratory troubles, diarrhea and fever, and MJA Canine Care for relief against soreness, inflammation and pain caused in the muscles and joints because of arthritis or other conditions.

In addition to several such products, PetAlive also offers different remedies to address the cosmetic conditions in pets. For instance, Pet Acne Clear is a homeopathic remedy that treats acne related problems such as pimples, pustules, blackheads, lesions and eruptions. In addition to clearing acne, the product also heals the skin from within and offers long term benefits against acne.

Native Remedies also offers dog treats! Aptly named the Beefy K9 Cookie Crunch, this 100 % natural dog treat looks like toasted bread slices that your dog will love to eat. The Cookie Crunch is 100 natural and free of dairy products, soy, eggs, corn and wheat. K9 Cookie Crunch helps treat and fight allergies and skin infections. The three other variations of cookies for canines are Ginger K9 Cookie Crunch, CranApple K9 Cookie Crunch and Cherry K9 Cookie Crunch.

You might also like to use to give your pets the benefits of products such as Stinky Paws Pet Wash, DandRUFF Relief, Bug Defense, Aggression Formula Granules and Gumz-n-Teeth. Other great products available, such as Ear Dr, Eye Heal, Skin & Tonic, Gluco Ensure, Parasite Dr, Anal Glandz, UTI Free , Flatulance Preventer, Ease Sure, Cushex Drops, Natural Moves, AmazaPet, Flea Allegy Relief and more.  These products work uniquely and help your pets be healthy. The best thing about these products is that they are they do not lead to any undesirable side effects.

Effective and affordable high quality products for your pets

The products in the range of PetAlive are undoubtedly effective. What is more, products from this brand have also shown remarkable results in rescued animals that were in very poor health condition.

When used in conjunction with traditional medicine and conventional methods of treatment, these products helped the sick animals recover faster. It was seen that these animals were healthier than animals that were not administered PetAlive products.

The cherry on the cake is that these products are extremely affordable as well. What is more, Native Remedies offers different types of discount offers and PetActive coupon codes that make the products more affordable. Use these special offers and save money without compromising on the health of your pets.

Pet care with the promise and guarantee of Native Remedies

PetAlive comes with a promise of authenticity and guarantee of Native Remedies. All products in the PetAlive range come with a one year return guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with the performance of the products or if you do not see an improvement in your pet after a few months of usage, you can return the products and get a full refund. This refund guarantee is valid for up to one year from the day you purchase the product. Please read the terms and conditions of return guarantee for more information.

You have nothing to lose by using PetAlive for your pets. In a maximum number of cases, animals respond to these products and their condition improves. In case the results are largely unsatisfactory, you can return the products and get a full unconditional refund. So, buy the products and enjoy watching the healthy recovery process of your adorable pet.

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